Is Snoring a Problem? 5 Power Tips to Stop Snoring

Snoring, is widely accepted as a joke or as a common part of your sleep. But due to the advancement of Science, we can now know that frequent loud snoring can be a sign to Sleep Apnea (a sleep disorder that is characterized by long and severe pauses between breaths, while asleep) and can make you more vulnerable to Cardiovascular diseases and  diabetes. It can be a cause for a poor quality sleep, day-time fatigue, impaired performance and irritability.

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What Wikipedia says-

Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping…- Wikipedia

Remember that, sleeping in separate rooms is not a permanent solution to overcome the ill consequences of Snoring.

Causes of Snoring

Since one can lose weight due to exercise, and the other can lose weight due to illness, thus snoring can be the  resultant factor of different reasons. Snoring is generally occurred by a narrowing or little obstruction of the airways at the back of your mouth, throat or nose. This obstacle results in increased air turbulence when breathing in, resulting the soft tissues in your upper airways to tremble or vibrate. The ultimate consequence is a noisy snore that can seriously interrupt the sleep of your bed partner.

5 Tips to Stop Snoring : Natural Remedies

While snoring can cause so much harm to you, you can simply stop snoring by adapting yourself with an improved lifestyle.

Stop Snoring # 1 : Lose weight

Surplus or excess weight, mainly around your neck can put pressure on the airway. It can stimulate the airway to collapse. Losing your body’s excess weight can help you overcome this problem.

Stop Snoring # 2 : Avoid Alcohol

In some previous posts of Help Sleep, it has been discussed that alcohol can hinder the quality of your night’s sleep to a great extent. While it can help the consumer to get into some lighter stages of Sleep, but in reality, alcohols rob the most restorative stages of sleep including REM sleep.

Alcohols can be the cause of depression to your central nervous system and help the muscle of your throat and jaw to relax and result into loud snort.

Therefore, Alcohol consumption is a serious threat to your quality sleep and life. Consider giving up alcohol at all.

Stop Snoring # 3: Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your side and on your stomach can be stressful on your neck. Try to sleep facing the right side with knees a bit tilted to ensure a good sleep. Sleeping on your back makes it more likely for your tongue to drop and work as an obstacle to the airway.

Stop Snoring # 4: Clear nasal passages

A stifling or stuffy nose can make it difficult for you to inhale and thus a vacuum can be created in the throat. It may lead to snoring. Specialists suggest using a nasal decongestant or neti pot that can help you to breathe more easily while asleep.

Stop Snoring # 5: Treat your allergies

Snoring can occur due to chronic respiratory allergies. It compels the sufferer to breathe through the mouth instead of nose. A humidifier or over-the-counter saline spray can be used to overcome the situation.

Bonus # 1: Keep your bedroom air moist

Dry air can disrupt membranes in your throat and nose. Consider using a humidifier to kee your bedroom air moist.

Bonus # 2 : Stop Smoking

Smoking can cause serious damage to your respiratory system. And it can lead you to snoring by blocking the airways by irritating the airways in the throat or nose.

Bonus # 3 : Elevate your head

Raising your heads a bit can help you stop snoring. Not only your heads but also propping up your upper body can help  you sleep and stop snoring with the effective use of pillow or putting blocks under the bed post.

Therefore, these are some effective steps to stop snoring. You can write back to us in the comment box below

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