What is Sleep Hygiene? A Robust Guide to Sleep Hygiene (Tune Your Bedroom)

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‘Sleep Hygiene’ refers to the sleep habits and environmental factors that can interfere with your quality of sleep. It’s possible to enjoy a sound sleep every night, if you take a good care of Sleep Hygiene.

Tuning your bedroom may show excellent results in curing Insomnia without any medication. It may involve in some additional expenditure, but keep in your mind that you’re investing for your long-term health. And, it is found that, sleep is as inevitable as food in our lives.

George Gordon Byron says-

“Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, And yet a third of life is passed in sleep.”


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Guide to Sleep Hygiene:

Secure your bedroom to sleep only. Do not use your bedroom to watch 3D Movies, work in your computers, or to play cards. Limit it for sleep only.

Make it dark. Light has good contribution in controlling Melatonin (a hormone that regulates your sleep cycle). A dark room tells your mind to sleep, whereas, an area covered with bright lights will make you more alert.

Buy the right pillows and mattresses. Pillows and mattresses actively participate in your sleeping process. Purchase the right ones to stimulate your sleep.

Your room should be quiet. Make your room a calm place. Tune it in such a way that the room has a soothing environment; so that, anyone who enters the room may feel sleepy, and it may remind him of a cave.

Make your bedroom cool. Studies show that cool temperature stimulates your sleep. But excessively cold or hot temp will actually disrupt your sleep.

Mind your sleep habits. Sleep Habits are included in Sleep Hygiene. Sleep Schedule is one of it, which we have already discussed in the previous post. Avoiding the intake caffeine, nicotine and alcohol near your bed-time is a good practice. Exercising 4 hours before bed-time has proved itself to be beneficial. Not looking at the wall-clock abruptly is recommended by many, especially for those who say ‘Oh no! Still I am not asleep!’ or, ‘It’s too early to wake up, why I’m awake?’ etc.

All these are included in Sleep Hygiene. You should learn more about the facts, and enjoy a good sleep.

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