13 Tips To Sleep Faster In 2021 – Helping You Sleep Better

Happy New Year!

If you didn’t enjoy sound sleep this year, you should learn from your mistakes and prepare well for the next year.

Sleeping better, smarter and faster? Great. We will try to help you as much as we can.

Better you skim through the articles (posts) we’ve written in our blog in 2012.

Learn them well. Print them. Bookmark them. Imply in your life when you crash into your bed.

You’ll see the results. If you don’t, take a final step.

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tips to sleep better at night


Tips on How To Sleep Better in 2021

1. Read a One-Week Guide.

Read our One-Week guide. We call it, ‘Help Me Sleep 101 series.’ You can learn how to sleep better there, and you’ll never say, ‘Help Me Sleep!’

2. Keep a Sleep Schedule.

3. Avoid Caffeine.

4. Find the Ideal Temperature For Sleep.

5. Avoid these 5 Habits that do not Help Me Sleep.

6. Learn these 5 secrets which help me sleep better.

7. Look at this chart and know how much sleep you need.

8. Sleep early and wake up early.

9. Eat these 10 foods that will help you sleep.

10. Learn how to sleep faster and watch this video.

11. Learn more about Sleep Disorders and  how to defend them.

12. Get an idea about Insomnia and how to fight it.

13. Don’t exercise too late.


14. Avoid Alcohol.

15. Avoid Nicotine.

16. Avoid Sleeping Pills.

17. Consult with a doctor.

18. Try E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique).

19. Be pious. Pray to Almighty Allah (Lord) as studies show pious people can sleep faster than those who’re perplexed.

20. Believe in yourself. And hope that you’ll fall asleep.

Therefore these are the 13+7 tips that can help you sleep better and sleep faster in 2013.

Sleep well now.

And say thanks later.

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PS. Share with us your tips to fall asleep quickly, in the comment box.