5 Secrets That Help Me Sleep Better: Your Doctor May Not Tell You

So, you’re not an exception. You’re another guinea pig of Insomnia.

Look into the mirror & see yourself,

You go to bed at 12:00 am with all the preparation and mindset to sleep. You lie down in your bed – with a hope of dreaming something sweet. The night becomes darker, but you’re still awake. You look at your watch. It has been already 1:45 am. Isn’t it? I got your problem. That’s why I am here to reveal some secrets that Help Me Sleep much better.


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The problem you’re facing is faced by 30% Americans. So, it’s quite a common problem. But, overlooking insomnia may lead you to serious health hazards. It can-

  • Destroy your personality
  • Make you look dumb
  • Work like a barrier to think deep
  • Make you sleep while you’re in a meeting or conference, Beware.

I know you know the bad effects of sleeplessness. You need a natural remedy that can help you sleep better, faster and smarter. I’m here to help you on that.

So, what are the secrets, then?

Secret #1: Make a regular bed-time (It helps me sleep, really). 

May be from childhood you hated the saying, ‘Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.  Though I regret to oppose you, but the truth lies in here. You need to make your life disciplined in order to sleep faster on time. Better if it’s early; so that you can get several hours to prepare for your next day in the morning.

Let’s see more about it-

  1. Set a regular bed time
  2. Stick to it
  3. Set up a regular time to wake up
  4. Again, stick to it
  5. See the results. And, try to inform me J

Secret# 2: Kick-out your alarm clock.

I don’t mean to kick it really, but by this, I suggest you to make your life disciplined. When, you will establish a practice of going to sleep & wake up on time, you will see that more or less you are waking on the same time everyday – even if there is no urging from your alarm clock.

It’s a proven technique. Your biological clock helps you to achieve the goal.

Secret# 3: Get more light in the day-time.

Try to manage to do the following-

Let light fall into your eyes at daytime by removing your sunglasses.

Spend some time outside to get in touch with sufficient light.

Open all the windows to make your rooms bright.

There is a naturally occurring hormone called Melatonin, which is controlled by light exposure. Deficiency of adequate light may make you sleepy in the daytime, which will eventually result into sleeplessness at the time when you really need sleep at night.

Secret# 4: Your bedroom will help you Sleep – I mean it.

Tune your bedroom to sleep better. To achieve this-

Make it free from nuisance in order to avoid interruption when you’re endeavoring hard to get into a deep sleep. But a background sound of a fan (or, something similar) will be a good sleep stimulator.

Make your room cool, because it will help your body to relax and fall into sleep quicker. You should find out which temperature suites you the most. 18 Degree Celsius (or, 65 Degree Fahrenheit), is recommended.

One will face difficulty while trying to sleep if the room if is uncomfortably hot or cold, as said by Ralph Downey III, PhD, chief of sleep medicine at Loma Linda University.

Secret# 5: Relaxing yourself will help you sleep better.

Do you know?

‘Ducks at risk of attack by predators are able to balance the need for sleep and survival, keeping one half of the brain awake while the other slips into sleep mode.’

You cannot do it as the ducks can, I know. You don’t need it also. The thing is you should try to do the opposite-

Relax in your bed facing the right side keeping your right hand below the head and the knees a little but titled. It helps to maintain your body equilibrium.

Wash your limbs in order to relax faster.

Pray to the Almighty Allah (Lord) to help you sleep. It is seen that, the pious people can sleep much earlier than others. Be submissive to Allah (Lord) in order to get total mental peace. Recite any prayers if you can.

Light Meditation can help you to do self-hypnosis and sleep faster

Exercise to make yourself tired before you endeavor to sleep. But, sleep specialists recommend to avoid exercising before 4 hours before you go to your bed. Because, exercising too close to your bed-time may help developing a sleep problem as your body will still be revved up.

That is NOT the end yet. You have to take care of your-

  • –         Diet (or, nutrition)
  • –         Eating habit
  • –         Mattress you lie in (Time to shop!)
  • –         Brightness of you bulb
  • –         Muscle Relaxation
  • –         Right Exercises to be tired.
  • –         Knowledge in Sleeping Science.

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Wishing you a better sleep,

Shafin, Sleep enthusiast

Dr. Mamunur Rashid, Insomnia expert.