How to Sleep Fast – Here’s a Quick Way to Sleep Faster at Night (With Video)

People want a good life, so do you .You need a sound sleep to achieve this. Not once in a month, nor once a week. You want it every day. Here’s how we can help you sleep fast for the rest of your life.

Sleeping Baby 

Did you know? –

The average human will spend 1/3 or their life sleeping, which equates to about 20 – 25 years over 75 Year life span

So, let’s find out the key to sleep faster for your coming years of sleep.

Sleep Fast # 1: Make a mental preparation

Making a mental preparation is an inevitable step to sleep faster. Your brain will know that you want to sleep. And, it will guide you slowly to the pre-sleep activities.

Sleep Fast# 2: Use an eye-mask

Using an eye mask will surely help you to get rid of light. Lights can hinder your sleeping process by inhibiting the production of sleep hormones. Bright lights urge your body to stay alert and darkness stimulates your to produce melatonin (hormones that regulate your sleep).

Sleep Fast # 3: Shut down your computer (including this blog!)

You surf the internet all the while, that’s OK. But, you should shut down your computer at least an hour before you go to this. Suppose you’re reading this blog just before going to bed or at your bed in a tablet. You are getting more and more info about how to get a good sleep. These stimulants are urging your mind to stay awake for a longer period and remain more active.

So experts recommend turning off your cell phones, computer and tablets- to sleep faster.

Sleep Fast# 4: Avoid heavy meal + drink comforting beverage

You may go for a light snack. But heavy meal will disrupt your sleep by causing indigestion. Drinking too much liquid will lead you to frequent urination hindering a quality sleep.

A chamomile tea or a cup of hot milk will help you comfort at night.

Sleep Fast # 5: Don’t take naps after 3 pm

Naps simply don’t have any alternative to recover your lost sleep. But taking naps after 3 pm will make it more difficult for you to sleep fast at night.

Try to take naps before 3 pm for the best results, if necessary.

Sleep Fast # 6: Face right side with your knees a bit tilted

Sleeping on the back is a common practice. But, it may contribute developing Sleep Apnea (a sleep disorder that is characterized by long and severe pauses between breaths during you sleep). However, the best practice is to sleeping on the right side with the knees a bit titled and placing the right hand below the head.

Stick to the sleep pattern. You will find it a lot easier to sleep the following day.

Bonus # 1:  Think about something soothing

For some, soothing place may be sea beach, for some it may be a place surrounded by green trees. Or, someone may get peace looking at the skies, thinking about the heaven and so on.

Think about which gives you the most pleasure. And it must give your mind a chance to centralize itself. And, help you to sleep rather than roaming around different places with your mind.

So, these are not actually the end. There are still a lot of factors related which will stimulate your body to sleep faster at night. For example,

  • Avoiding caffeinated food
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Being exposed in sunlight at least for 30 minutes everyday
  • Sticking to a sleep-wake schedule
  • Controlling an optimum bedroom temperature.
  • Reading a books or prayers.
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Learning more about sleep disorders.
  • Consulting with a doctor.

Bonus # 2: Watch the video

How to Fall Asleep Fast on Howcast

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