Will Warm (Hot) Bath Help Me Sleep?

This is a question, perhaps, all Sleep Experts need to face.

Question (Asked by a Reader): Will Hot Bath Help Me Sleep? Why people suggest having a warm bath? Is it logical?


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Answer by Dr. Mamun: Yes,  warm bath can help you to sleep faster. It’s proven that a cool room helps people to fall asleep quickly. So, if an Insomniac takes a hot bath before entering in that cool room, then he lets his body’s internal temperature to fall slowly from a high temperature. It is a great signal to tell your body that you’re prepared to sleep.

What a research says: A research shows that elder patients of Insomnia have reached deep sleep stages quickly and effectively if they managed to take a (full body) hot bath for around half an hours at 40-41 Degrees Celsius.

A warm foot-bath also helped women to achieve a sleep of better quality who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Remember: Take the bath before 60-90 minutes before you go to sleep.

Therefore, these are only some benefits that can be gained by having a hot bath before sleep. It will help people of all ages to sleep better and sleep faster.

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Does a Hot Bath Help Me Sleep?

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