Sleep or Die – 5 Tips That Help Me Sleep Right Now

If you’re making a consistent effort to fall asleep right now but can’t manage, then we’re here to help.

We don’t know any hocus-pocus word to make you sleep right now, but we’ve got 5 Can’t-Miss tips that can help you sleep much quicker.

If you are like those chickens who cry out saying, ‘Help Me Sleep Right Now…!’ without fighting against it, then you’re in the perfect place to get the necessary weapons to fight with.

Always remember that a little bit more optimized sleep can ensure the quality of your nightly rest. It can help you be a better man or a smarter woman. Some simple changes in your lifestyle can score big to contribute to your sleep quality.

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There is an Irish proverb which goes like this,

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.  ~Irish Proverb

We’re not going in details about the probable changes of your daily life routines in this short post, rather you’ll find the short-cut techniques to find the path towards a faster night’s sleep right now. Just now, if you can follow the steps.

And it’s worthless to mention that quality night’s sleep will make you more energized, mentally sharp and emotionally perfect when you get up and start your next 24 hour’s journey!

So why stepping behind? Get the gold mine below-

5 Practical Tips That Can Help You Sleep Right Now

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Sleep Right Now  #1:  Relax. And Relax. Then, Repeat.

Your consistent attempt to relax and winding-down can present you with a deep sleep. A peaceful bed-time preparation can give a robust signal to your brain that you’re ready to sleep.

There are several ways to wind-down yourself, some goes such-

  • Think about your sweet childhood.
  • Thinking about the beautiful sun-bathed sandy beach.
  • To get into a peaceful meditation, and remember Almighty Allah (The Creator).
  • You may think about green, or about blue in the vast sky…

Find out, which works the best for you. Some may just opt for-

  • A light magazine reading
  • A poetry book or a novel that doesn’t excite the brain
  • Listen to the cool recorded sounds of nature

There are some many ways you can keep yourself in calm position, and make it calmer; staying away from the busy world. There will be no teacher to scold you, nor an office boss to fire you out. It’s a palace where you’re the king. A king who loves his fellow people.

Sleep Right Now #2. Are you afraid of Darkness?

Darkness stimulates sleep, and light makes you alert. You may argue with this statement, but we’ve every possibility to win the debate. You can see a tweet from Dr. Mercola below,


Darkness Helps Me Sleep – Snapshot Adapted From Twitter.

There is a hormone called Melatonin which regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Darkness at night and sunlight at day fuels its production. So, if you think you need to sleep right now, then-

  • Put on an eye-mask to keep yourself detached
  • Move away the lights from your electronic devices
  • Power off the main switch of your house if necessary!

Remember: A bit of light travelling to your eyes can make you alert!

Sleep Right Now #3. Sssshh!

Do you have a naughty dog who barks all night long? Are you disturbed by a stupid neighbor or any kid living in your own house? Yes, it’s often difficult to manage. But it isn’t impossible.

You can use a fan and let it make a background soothing music for you. Playing a natural sound in your sound box may also help in this regard.

What about jerking the door and the windows? Or, physically tell those elements who are active enough to keep you away from a deep night’s sleep?!

Sleep Right Now #4 . Sweating isn’t a good sign.

Experts suggest to adjust yourself with a little bit cooler temp than you prefer. You can fix it around 18 Degrees Celsius or around 65 Degrees Fahrenheit.

A cool room can stimulate your sleep and can bring an enormous difference to your sleep quality. But make sure that your feet and hands are not cold because cold feet and hands can seriously bring the opposite reaction and disrupt your sleep. Consider keeping a hot water bag near your feet or a hot water bottle may also do.

Read More on Ideal Temperature For Sleep.

Sleep Right Now #5. Mind your posture.

Your sleeping position is one of the most contributing factors to your sleep.

So, make sure that your neck is not in a too high or low position. Ensure that you’re not sleeping on your abdomen and your back is in a straight line. The scientific and arguably the best option is to sleep facing the right direction with your knees a bit tilted. You can also consider keeping a small pillow or a rolled-up towel between your knees. This will contribute keeping your hips in a neutral position.

Therefore, these are the five simple but effective tips to help you fall asleep quickly. If you want to find more tips like this, don’t forget to bookmark us. You can also subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to let us help you stop saying, ‘Help Me Sleep Right Now!’