Reader Question: I have an exam tomorrow. Please Help Me Sleep Quickly!

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This question was asked by a reader, MK. Lucky.

The question: ‘I can sleep as long as I want once I get into a sleep. But getting into a good sleep takes hours. It takes 4-5 hours even. I have an exam tomorrow. Please help me sleep by sending some good tips today. I have found no other place so friendly as this blog to post the question. Thanks.’


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Dr. Mamun’s Answer: Thanks MK. for your vote of confidence. It’s not actually only you who is suffering from Insomnia. Almost every adult need to face short-term Insomnia in his/her life.

We could give you more specialized suggestions if you had stated your age. But, we are trying our best below.

  • Stick to a sleep routine.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, cola (caffeinated drinks) before 6-8 hours of your bed-time. As an urgent solution is required, do not drink any of the caffeinated drinks at all today; for your safety.
  • Tell your family members to manage a good sleeping environment.
  • Try to keep your bedroom temperature around 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Use neither too soft nor too hard pillow.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back but facing right side with the knees a bit tilted to save yourself from sleep apnea (a sleep disorder characterized by long and severe pauses during you sleep).
  • Wash your limbs with cool (some suggest warm) water before going to bed.
  • Concentrate more on your studies and believe that you will sleep better today.
  • Learn more about 3 common sleep disorders.
  • When you get time after your exam, subscribe to Help Sleep’s  newsletter for free tips.
  • Consult a doctor.

Therefore, these are some simple (but effective) tips that will surely help you sleep much better and sleep faster.  And, of course let us know if you have any improvement.

Wishing you a sound sleep,


Dr. Mamun.