Help Me Sleep Now: 10 Tips to Fall Asleep Quickly

If you’re reading this post, let me consider that, you’re struggling hard to fall asleep on a regular basis. Some days ago, one of our desperate readers sent us a message, ‘Help Me Sleep Now’.

In most cases, Dr. Mamun tries to reply with some easy solutions to Insomnia with practical tips. But, we replied this time with some different type of suggestions, where we didn’t tell how to sleep fast with the Science behind it.

What we did is ‘stupidity’! 

Question: Hi sleep specialists & enthusiasts, you write BIG stuffs in your blog with logic and Science. None of your tips actually work for me. I try to wash my limbs, keep the room temperature cool, exercise, good pillow, mattress, avoid caffeine & alcohol…..NOTHING. Tell something that can help me sleep NOW. I don’t want to wake up ever but sleep forever, don’t mean though!


Sleepin’ on bench? Image Credit

Answer by Shafin: Let me try to reply. Dr. Mamun is now quite busy as he’s away for training for about 1 month. I would send you some stupid tips that may help you sleep now.

  1. Shut down the computer (including this blog)
  2. Use an eye mask
  3. Make your room darker and don’t look at your clock.
  4. Don’t be anxious about your sleeping problem
  5. You may opt for a warm bath
  6. Write about what you’re anxious in a notepad and forget
  7. Try to sleep facing the right side with your knees a bit tilted
  8. Take deep breaths and tell your brain, ‘I am going to sleep’. Then, relax.
  9. Don’t make your room temperature abnormally cold (recommended, 65 Degrees Fahrenheit or 18 Degrees Celcius.)
  10.  If every endeavor fails, then sit and read a boring book, that will make tired enough to make you asleep. But it should never be your first attempt.

We can’t guarantee. But the tips tend to work efficiently. We suggest seeing a sleep specialist (doctor) to diagnose your sleep disorder, if you have any. And remember, almost all adults suffer from short-term Insomnia (a sleep disorder that disrupts you to fall asleep and stay asleep). So, establish a fixed sleep schedule & sleep pattern that will surely help you control your circadian clock or, biological clock.  – Shafin.

Other Readers: Do you think we have missed any tips that effectively help you to sleep at night? Share with us in the comment box.