List of 10 Foods That Will Dramatically Help You Sleep Better

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So, you’re facing problems to sleep at night. People face it difficult to fall asleep fast due to a number of reasons. It can be due to something you ate or you just missed to add in your diet list.

Most of our patients pay a very little importance to their food habit. Foods that are soothing in nature (such as- foods with magnesium) can help you sleep better by relaxing your muscles. Trytophan, an amino acid, can help your body to produce Serotonin (a hormone that makes you sleepy).  Again, there are some foods such as coffee, tea or cola containing Caffeine which never help you sleep, making you more alert.

So foods can dramatically leave both good and bad effects on your sleep. And, therefore, you should concentrate more about which foods to add or deduct from your diet plan.

Here is a list of 10 Foods that will help you sleep-


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Food #1: Cottage Cheese.

Take cottage cheese mixing with almond butter before you turn out for your night. It contains amino acid tryptophan which can help you enjoy a better sleep. Here the amino acid will help to produce Serotonin (a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep).

Food #2: Bananas

Banana is an excellent source of Magnesium and Potassium works much like a muscle relaxer. It will tranquil your muscles and help you sleep.

Food # 3: Oatmeal

Oatmeal tends to work nice in the afternoon. Many people think it as a breakfast food only, which can be a bit counterfeited. It possesses a Carbohydrate which helps release Serotonin in your body. And, you know Serotonin is a relaxing hormone which helps you get rid of stress and get a good night’s sleep.

Food # 4: Warm Milk

Warm milk also contains tryptophan amino acid, and for most people, it work as a sleep stimulator. It soothes the consumer’s body if it is warm. Milk also abounds with good amount of Calcium which assists the brain to regulate the production of Melatonin.

Food # 5: Honey

Honey tends to work well when mixed up with warm milk or tea. This can be a little arguable recipe. But it’s found to work well for many.

Food #6: Almonds

Almonds include tryptophan and Magnesium. Consumption of Almonds can help one sleep if taken an hour before sleep. It works as a good muscle relaxer.

Food # 7: Grapes

Grapes are the only food found to contain Melatonin (a hormone that regulates natural sleep-wake cycle). Therefore, adding grapes to your regular diet may help you much to sleep faster.

Food # 8: Potato

Squashing potato with warm milk may help to clear up any acid that can hinder the quality of your night’s sleep.

Food # 9: Peanuts

You can add Peanuts in your diet because Peanuts contain good amount of Niacin, a nutrient that helps produce Serotonin. Experts recommend consuming peanuts under control, because of its profusion of fat and calories.

Food # 10: Tea

Nutritionists, sleep specialist or diet planners will tell you to avoid caffeinated drinks. (such as- coffee, tea, cola etc. ). But, some decaf varieties can help you to get in to a sleep approach. Chamomile tea is a very harmless and supportive  sleep aid, says Dr. Teitelbaum.

These are the 10 Food Items that can help you sleep quickly. Remember that sticking up to light snack that contain tryptophan and calcium. It can help you sleep much better.

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