Warning: Don’t Do These 5 Things When You’re Trying to Sleep

You’re reading the 4th installment of the Help Me Sleep 101 series.

Sleep is a clemency, if you can achieve it.

Only caring about the environmental factors like (temperature, light or Sleep Schedule) will not present you pleasant night’s sleep. You should invest some time to learn about the habits which are disrupting your sleep, perhaps you don’t know them even.

This article will be telling you 5 Habits which you must kick-off from your daily activities in order to achieve a energizing and restorative sleep. Remembering them while you’re trying to sleep will surely pay-off in the long run.

having hard times sleeping

1: Avoid Taking Alcohol

Many people take in alcohol in a hope of relieving stress of travel and make it easier to fall asleep.   It’s true that alcohol is a sedative that helps the consumer to fall asleep quickly, but in reality alcohol robs away the most restorative and deep stages of sleep including REM sleep (a stage of sleep).

As a result, you’ll be waking up throughout the night and face great difficulty going back to sleep. Consider giving up alcohol.

2: Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeine is found in coffee, cola and tea in common. There are some stimulant properties in caffeine which will help you remain active. It is thought that Caffeine blocks the cell receptors that adenosine uses to trigger its sleep-inducing signals.

Thus, caffeine only deceives your body making it think that it’s well rested. That’s why it never helps you to sleep but to remain alert. It may take 6-8 hours to wear off the effects of caffeine completely.

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3: Reserve your bedroom for sleep only

Don’t watch TV’s and work on Computers in your bedroom at least an hour before your bed-time. Even try to turn off your Ipad, Tablets and Cell Phones. There are some stimulant properties within them, which may seriously disrupt your sleep.

4: Don’t smoke

In cigarettes, there is a substance present, called- nicotine, which is a kind of stimulant, and may contribute keeping you awake. Avoiding nicotine may also help you to wake up early in morning.

Consider giving up smoking. It will help you sleep better, live longer, gain more energy and save more money.

5: Don’t exercise too late.

Exercise is good to help with good sleep. But try to avoid strenuous exercises 4 hours before bed-time to avoid being revved up and to help your body gain a smart sleep.

Bonus: Kick off your clock

Looking several times at your clock may seriously disrupt your sleep, especially, if you have a habit of putting on the lights abruptly to see the clock. Remember, looking at the clock and telling, ‘See, what time it! I am still awake?’ will never help. Do something soothing and see the results.

Therefore   these are the 5 (+1 bonus) habits that you have to give up in order to gain a good night’s sleep.